The project

The eco lodge idea is about building an ecofriendly touristic destination on the island of Tinos, using  sustainably the natural resources that surround us and creating a self-sustained system. This means using renewable energy resources, and local materials, promote and produce on the plot local products, minimize waste and recycle, and promote activities connected to the natural environment that surround us.

The rain water will be collected for the supply of the houses, the sewage will be filtered through a reedbed and the water that comes out clean will be used for irrigation and the toilet flush.

The stones extracted from the field will be used for building.

The energy will be provided by a photovoltaic system that will be installed on the roofs and a small wind generator. To minimise energy consumption, natural lighting design and thermal solar radiation have been taken into account.

Local products will be promoted to the guests like dairy products, wild vegetables that can be wild peaked like capers, herbs or mushrooms, and also original local varieties will be produced on the plot.

Nature activities like trekking on Tinos footpaths, or short walking trips around the plot to the beaches, to the mountain top, or to collect wild herbs, climbing on Exobourgo and boldering in Volax, will be also promoted to the guests.

Initially we are going to build two small stone houses of 45 and 60 sqm. At a next step restore the old stone stables to convert them either to storage places or livable areas too.

The mission is to achieve a self-sustained touristic infrastructure and get involved in all stages: from the initial design and research on the different environmental technologies, to the implementation. We also want to inspire and invite other people to get involved in this idea, as participants in the creation of the project or as guests in the future and also to promote sustainable management of natural resources as a way of life.

The Location

The plot is located in the East side of the island,  2,7 km going down from the village Steni to the beaches Santa Margarita and Lychnaftia.

After nearly three years of on going search for a nice piece of land, also affordable, we found this great spot, which contains also 3 very old traditional stables made of stone, and many big old oak trees!! which is amazing for this arid Aegean island. At its west side it almost borders a small river stream with big Platanus trees and other riverside vegetation which makes this place amazingly green and wild.

 direction to the north
direction to the north-west

direction to the east

 direction to the south-east

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