About This Blog

Hallo People,
this Blog will discuss and illustrate the evolution in the design and co working progress of the eco friendly touristic destination Ecolodge Tinos (Greece).
The core subjects of the Blog will have technical character in the field of regenerative energies, recycling of resources and eco friendly building materials. Around the core there will be discussions and ideas about ecology and a group orientated planing and design process.

The Ecolodge team

Who we are 


Marilia Kalouli

Hi there, I came to Tinos in 1998 and really liked the island, the light and the culture. Together with Nikos we started building a house which was eventually finished in 2010 and since last year we moved and live here. I studied Rural resources and environmental policy and worked for 12 years in an NGO for the protection of birds in Greece. I have worked for environmental projects in many areas, especially with volunteers protecting a lagoon and a rare species of chameleon in Gialova, with a target to promote ecotourism and conservation. With my partner we decided to use our skills and knowledge here in Tinos and create a small eco community and this story begins...

Nicolas Bedau
Hallo Reader,
i originate from Berlin, with a German-Greek family background, during the years i became more and more involved in Greece. 
Since my first winter holiday in Tinos i fell in fascination with the island, its nature and the rural society.
With a background of Landscape architecture, i decided that there should be a better mix in life than just sitting in front of the computer designing urban nature.
So I started working together with different NGOs for the protection of natural sites and mainly in the field of environmental design and education.
I always liked the combination of theoretical approaches combined with direct practical output, that can be touched, smelled and seen. 
So i decided that it would be the perfect playground to establish a group of people with similar interests and find a nice piece of land to put it together.
So the next steps are evolving..........

Ronan Lewis
So, hallo there, i´m from Berlin aswell, where i was born and have been living ever since. 
I work free lance in the rope access industrie, wich in my case means traveling from one major building site to the next.I guess this is one of the reasons i got into this projekt. 
The idea of having your own little building site in a beautiful surrounding, where you can work with friends and create and form your own idea from the beginning to the end, appealed to me instantly. 
And of course the challenge to build and create something that is eco friendly as possible and energy self sufficient, makes the whole projekt something worth swetting for!    
Apart from that i realy like the idea of working outdoors. It does make it at lot easier to dig and construct when you have a magnificent view!!! 

Looking forward to beeing wrecked and happy after a long day and an evening bath in the aegean see. 
So long............Cheers!       

Rafael Krause
Hello everybody, I am originally from Berlin, where I also studied landscape architecture. Instead of working in an office for landscape architecture, I decided to work as an educator with teenagers, which gave me the opportunity to work with people I care for in a face-to-face interaction. 
I first got in contact with Tinos in spring of 2013 and I really liked it from the beginning for its special climate and landscape and its beautiful villages and architecture. 
The idea of working together in a group of interesting people and combine the capabilities of each of us in a sustainable and future-oriented project really caught my attention. 

So let´s see how we put our ideas into action...


  1. points to ronan !!! pictures speak more than words :)

  2. Can't find your facebook page any more......has it gone missing?

    1. It´s still on....https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tinos-eco-lodge/1460675304203102

  3. It is fantastic and encouraging to see this initiative on the island of Tinos!
    At my next visit to the island I will definitely stay there.