Saturday, November 15, 2014

Big house progress

Big House day 3

Big house day 4

Big house day 5

Big house day 8

Big house day 9

Camping in winter

Camping is still going on during winter. Even in November, with the temperature going up to 20 degrees during the day and not under 15 the coldest night, Jonathan and Ronan mostly and Nico and me, we are still sleeping there, cooking and making a fire at night to warm up.
Its also amazing how green everything is turning again and its wonderfull every morning to get up with the sunrise! And the noise of the workers!

We've got company!!!

Four female little doggies just arrived under our plot one day! Of course someone abandoned them there to get rid of them, thinking maybe that we would like to keep them.... Well what to do with 4 dogs??? Fortunately George and Stefanos, two of the stone workers with a bit of pursuasion they got one each. Then we started to like having them around, they could be also of some use at the plot, like chasing the goats away!! So we kept the other two....

Saturday, November 1, 2014